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Our Clients Say...

Sean Smallwood — Family Law Attorney
«My VideoStir clip offers my business website, a look and feel that my competitors pay thousands of dollars to have with other companies. It also allows prospective clients to get a feel for who I am in a way that a photo or a Youtube video just doesn't allow.»
Daniel W Hawk — Sports Journalist
«Building a website on your own is tough enough but trying to get people to notice your site is another story in all itself. With the help of VideoStir my web traffic has nearly doubled. VideoStir takes the time personally to help make your site a success. It is the best way to separate your self from the competition and to get your name out in the cyber world. I would recommend VideoStir to anybody who is just starting their website or have been on the internet for quite a while.»

Glen — CEO The Life Coaching College
«I was looking for a way to layer video over the top of my website and introduce my character to my posse. I sourced a few options but they were very expensive and technically challenging and then I discovered VideoStir. This program was quick, affordable and I had a result within an hour! I am really happy with the program and I recommend it to everyone of my students now. Thanks Guys!»
Mike Deluca — Real Estate
«Imagine delivering your message personally to any potential clients visiting your website. Now, you have the ability to turn them into kinetic clients by delivering a short personal message. Allowing people and clients to know you - before physically knowing you.»

K.A.Butler — Director GoDirect2Barristers
«In launching our new Directory & Barrister Locator service to the UK public we saw an opportunity to use a "walk on video spokesperson" as a guide to explain the site navigation to first time visitors. It has had an immediate impact and also the use of video and geo-mapping differentiates our site from competitors. We researched the many video spokesperson suppliers and chose VideoStir and were pleasantly impressed by their service and support. They went "the extra mile" to help us to ensure that our video displayed in the best quality possible.»
Michael - Maui, HI
«I have been extremely pleased with VideoStir. I'm already seeing results from my main website and Facebook business pages. Also the service and quick responses has been outstanding even when my video needed to be corrected because of my issues. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to promote their product or service.»