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We at VideoStir aim to make it simple for you to make a creative & commercial use of your videos. Our vision is to make it easy for anyone with a camera to create an impressive floating clip on top of websites -

We are different because we create tools & services that are aligned with our company's strategic guidelines:
  • 1. Use our innovative technologies (Patent pending) to make life easy for our customers
  • 2. Make sure that the customer's experience is extremely fast
  • 3. Make sure that the customer knows exactly what he/she is going to get in advance
  • 4. Aim our products to the entire global market without any geographical limitation
  • 5. Create simple products without the need for software downloads and complicated processes
  • 6. Keep our customers satisfied. Be sure to give them any support they need
  • 7. Rely on customers' creativity - give them tools to express themselves

You can learn more about our plans for the coming future in our "What's next?" page
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