Captain’s Log

From Flash to HTML5 in 5 minutes

As we continue experimenting with our HTML5 player to continuously improve the experience of watching an HTML5 movie with a transparent background, we are stumbling across interesting results. Our experiments prove that even without much help from the most powerful […]

HTML5 video player with transparent background


Videostir is now in the Wix App Market!

In the past months, while working on our new website and other developments that we can’t wait to share with you, we were also busy working on integrations. And today we are proud to announce that we are finally available […]

VideoStir’s first exposure @ the Video Power Convention

VideoStir presented their product in the the Video Power Convention. Visitors were filmed in front of a white wall and saw their video floating with a transparent background on top of their website in less than 5 minutes. The company […]

And the answer is – “VideoStir!”

Many are trying to understand VideoStir’s automatic service. I tried gathering the questions people are asking which have one simple answer – “VideoStir“: Where can I find a “Do it yourself” automatic service for creating a virtual spokesperson (video spokesperson)? […]