How to “remove video background” – without using a green screen (all in 5 minutes)

Until VideoStir started running their service, it seems that the only way you could quickly remove your video background or replace your video background was to rely on a green screen studio.
Well now it is much more simple. You can take a video that has any solid color wall and remove your video background in less than 5 minutes without a green screen. It’s all automatic so you don’t have to install anything or become an expert. You get a “flash transparent background” clip that you can be used as a web spokesperson or for any other purpose.
This “no green screen” approach (although green as any color will work just fine) also allows VideoStir to introduce a new experimental product. You can now “replace video background” with an image of your choice (company’s logo, at the beach etc) – It’s all automatic. You upload a clip and a background image and you automatically get a result “mixed” video with your image as background.
You don’t need to install any “video spokesperson software” or learn how to be a video editor. You just upload, tune and enjoy the result.
It’s fun to play with and it’s free as part of a free trial period you get for every clip.
Once again:

  1. Remove video background
  2. Without green screen
  3. Get a flash transparent background in minutes

Good Luck – Worth a try …

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