Selling specific products and services with Video Marketing

selling specific products or servicesWhether you designed your own site or you have used site-builders like WordPress, Wix or Shopify, knowing how to sell specific products and services using Video Marketing tools is an important step toward turning all those efforts into actual revenues.

Let’s imagine this scenario: John has built a phenomenal website, has set up all the logistic and organizational tools necessary to be able to sell his products and services, and now wants to push the sale of a certain item. The reasons why he chose a certain specific product are here irrelevant: maybe his margin is higher, maybe he has too much stock of it, maybe he wants to use it as a bait. It really doesn’t matter.

What matters is how he can go about it. Of course he can set up a special promotion. Of course he can give more relevant space to this product than to others. All these things he can and he should do. But how can Video Marketing help him in selling this specific product (same applies to services, but we’ll continue talking about the product for simplicity)?

John may very well have an online Video that describes the product and its advantages to the customer. Great, but not enough. So what?

He could make a dedicated online video that would include both the promotion and the description of the product with its advantages. While this effort may turn out to be effective, it would still be expensive, time consuming, and limited in scope since the video would appear only in certain section of his site, wherever he could place the video player. It is an ok solution, but one has to wonder if there isn’t a better one.

Enter interactive floating clips: an effective, quick and cheap video marketing tool that can help you sell your products and services. 

How is this done? By overcoming all of the problems listed in the examples before, while still reaching the goal of focusing the customer’s attention on a specific product or services. Making it easy for him/her to check them out and, then, to add them to their shopping cart.

All that John would have to do to achieve this is to record a video in which he’d welcome his customers to the site/store, tell them about the special promotion that is going on regarding the specific product or service and invite customers to check it out by clicking on him.
Because John is using VideoStir’s interactive floating clips, the video is floating over an image + description of the product on the homepage, and clicking on him automatically sends the user to the page of the specific product.

From there John can continue speaking to his prospective customer, explaining to him/her the savings involved in the promotion, the urgency of grabbing the last slots available for the promotion, and to reinforce the value of the product itself. Clicking on him, this time, adds the product to the shopping cart.

Voila’, the product is in the shopping cart. John could even decide to go for an upsell at the moment of checkout, using another clip.

All this for the price of finding a white wall (more precisely, a uniform color surface, but let’s not enter in the details here) to record himself for each video and then upload his videos to be automatically transformed by Videostir’s engine into floating clips. Once he has embedded them into the webpages… The promotion is on, the users are focused and absorbed in the clips’ funnel, and the revenues are on their way.

Not bad, huh?

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