Use pre-made call-to-action videos to get more downloads, get more clicks, get more signups and direct visitors around your website

It now takes 2 seconds to add a pre-made converting clip to your website (just copy & paste)
Browse our clip market and choose your clip.

VideoStir’s new clip stock market now has a variety of pre made call-to-action videos for getting users to download / click / sign in / get support or just for directing visitors around a website while sharing important info with them (like your phone number / opening hours etc).

You just need to pick the right clip for you from the catalog and put it on your website to see the results. You can easily set the text on the button/clip to fit your specific needs.

Since the market place has just launched we will be happy to get your feedback :)

Free call to action videos

Go ahead, choose your clips and enjoy their results – it’s on us!

We have produced these pre-made floating clips by listening to feedback from customers like you: that’s how we know they work. Grab as many as you want and incorporate them in as many pages as you wish. For example, choose any clip from the “Join our mailing list” category to start collecting emails, without worrying about technical stuff and immediately taking advantage of the power of an interactive Video Call to Action. Or a clip from the “Download our app” category, or the “Contact us” category in which you can publish your phone number on top of the clip, or much more …

Good luck!
– The VideoStir Team

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