Remove picture background automatically – faster that using Microsoft Word feature

You can now “remove image background” automatically in 2 seconds online. Just upload your image and download the result png with a transparent background (no need to download any software).
There are several softwares used for removing a picture background such as the Microsoft Word, however they all require that you will mark the image background to remove and mark the image foreground that you want to keep. With VideoStir’s engine there is no need to mark the image. In case your background has a more or less solid color background, VideoStir online automatic video and image editing software will remove the background of your photo / image for free.

You can either replace the image background or just remove it (just don’t choose a background image)

Remove your image background. After uploading your image, VideoStir automatically removes the original background of your image.

So if you are looking to:

  1. Remove background from a photo
  2. Have a photo with a transparent background on your linkedin account
  3. Remove picture background (of any kind)
  4. Replace picture background with another picture / image using Microsoft word (office) features

The fastest way will be to use VideoStir’s free image background removal service.

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