HTML5 video player with transparent background

A player that plays HTML5 videos with a transparent background exactly like a¬†Flash player is coming up. As Adobe’s Flash gets more and more into trouble, being dropped by major companies, with more coming up (after Mozilla’s Firefox support of HTML 5 and dislike of Flash, Google’s Chrome will also force a transition in which HTML5 will replace Flash), lots of website owners are looking for a way to move from Flash to HTML 5 – to transform their Flash movies into HTML 5 movies.

The problem is that moving from a Flash Player to an HTML 5 Player is not an easy transition: the former has been developed over the years, accumulating lots of features, while currently fully interactive HTML 5 players are yet to be developed, for example.

Among the features that interest VideoStir the most is the possibility to have an HTML 5 transparent background video – basically an HTML 5 player that has an opacity or transparency layer that can be managed by the player.

We are currently developing it – and have already tested a few working versions. Results are very good – and we will continue improving it to get to the point where we’ll be able to fully replace Flash with HTML 5 for our floating clips.

HTML5 Videos with a transparent background

We can’t share yet how we implement a transparent HTML5 player, or how we’re getting to be able to display HTML5 videos with a transparent background; what we can assure you is that we are well ahead in our development of a transparent background video HTML5 player that will support our customers in moving into the upcoming future, in which everyone will have to replace Flash with HTML 5.

Support for our customers’ floating clips – no matter what platform: mobile, desktop, etc. all support HTML5, and will therefore support our HTML5 software and enable everyone to keep their transparent background in HTML5 videos – are a priority of VideoStir: this mean that we are putting every ounce of effort we can in leading this race to replace Flash with HTML5.

Converting Flash to HTML5

The transition will probably still require some technical work – since our client’s videos are using the flv format (from Flash) and now there’s going to be a need to convert flv files to HTML5’s ogv/mp4 format.
As said before, since we’re trying to minimize the impact of this shift in online trends (and satisfy Firefox’s and Chrome’s HTML5 video preferences), what we’re doing is developing an automated process that will do all the work for our customers – they won’t even notice that there was a transition from Flash to HTML5.

As always, we try to keep everything as automatic as possible, creating the least hassle possible to our clients. We will of course keep them updated ad aware of what’s happening – but they only will have to be informed, and not do much work to actually move from Flash to HTML5 Videos and their transparent backgrounds.

These are our goals.
We’ll keep you updated on this subject, since it is quite a hot topic these days.

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