How to add a video to your Facebook profile

add a video to facebook profile

Changing your Facebook profile to use a video instead of a picture takes only a few steps: first of all it’s important to select which video to use to represent you or your company/institution on Facebook, and then to upload it while telling FB that a video should be used for the profile.


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Adding a video to your Facebook profile: the announcement


It is a very recent piece of news the announcement of Facebook that now its users will be able to change their profile pics into videos: as reported all over the media, the company announced that it was updating its Facebook profile settings to add videos as an option for Facebook users to use if they wanted to add a video to their profile.

It wasn’t the only piece of news: at the same time, Facebook announced that users will also be able to plan temporary changes to their newly added Facebook profile videos ahead of time (the same applies to those who will continue to use a picture instead of putting a video in the facebook profile). This means that one could add to the facebook profile a video for Christmas, or a different one for their birthday (and so on) scheduling it ahead of time – and then having the situation revert back to the video they added as their standard Facebook profile.


Make cool facebook profile videos by replacing the background of your video with any image

Make cool facebook profile videos by replacing the background of your video with any image

Put a Video in your Facebook profile


While uploading your Facebook profile video is simply a matter of time – not so much, considering that Facebook has also specified that videos added to a FB profile have a time limit of 7 seconds, quite like the length of Vine clips – what really matters when you put a video in your Facebook profile is the choice of which video to add to your FB profile.

One may very well choose to upload a video taken from the Internet – there’s many, although it will require some work to cut them to the required maximum length – but it would defeat the purpose of letting users add videos to their FB profiles. When selecting a picture for their Facebook profile most of the people chose to use a personal one – one that represented them. And the same, obviously, happened for companies or institution and their Facebook pages. It makes much more sense to put a video in your Facebook profile that represents you or your institution – and perhaps use your phone to take a video selfie, just like you did for your profile picture.

Use a video for the Facebook profile: the smartphone option


So if you want to use a video for the Facebook profile, it would be better to be a personal one. Most of Facebook users access their profile and their news feed from their smartphones – more than 50% of them, to be precise – which made sure that Facebook’s App is absolutely versatile and perfectly integrated with your smartphone. To use a video for your Facebook profile you can therefore use your smartphone – and shoot a video using the built-in camera. Don’t forget the time limit of 7 seconds for your video, though – or you may not succeed to use it. In any case, it’s also good for your bandwitdh, if you are using a mobile data connection to upload your video to your Facebook profile: you will save money by sticking to the 7 seconds limit that FB has put on profile videos.

What if you need to edit your Facebook profile video


Now let’s assume for a second that you have a video you’d like to use for your Facebook profile, but it’s either too long, or you’d like to actually edit different shots and merge them into one video: what to do? What if you can’t shoot the video where you’d like to? What if you want to put a different background to your video?
You have two choices:

  1. Use editing software (some of which you can actually find on your smartphone, or download it as an App): this requires quite some work, and the results and not guaranteed. On the other hand, many people are already used to this – they learned to do so when editing their Vines. If you are already familiar with short video editing, adding a video to your Facebook profile – any video, really – shouldn’t be that hard.
  2. Just take your video in front a uniform color surface, and then substitute its background with a picture or a video: this option is much easier to do – all you will have to do is find a uniform color surface to use as a background for your video. All you will have to care about will be the 7 seconds limit for the video you’ll add to your Facebook profile. Once done, all you will have to do is use simple online tools like VideoStir’s Video on Image tool or Video on Video tool: upload the video you just recorded, choose the backgroud (a picture, or a video) and VideoStir’s engine will the rest. It will automatically take out the background of your video and substitute it with whatever you have chosen as a background. Once done, take the result and upload your video to your Facebook profile. Done!

The Facebook profile video format


FB already is compatible with basically any video format out there online, so it is pretty unlikely that formats will be an issue when adding your video to your FB profile. This means that any tool you will decide to use – including VideoStir’s Video on Image, Video on Video and Image on Image – will work.

How to change the background for your Facebook profile video

If you want to change the background of your Facebook profile video, you are in the right place! VideoStir’ technology will come very handy – since this is what we’re very good at doing.
To change the background of your Facebook profile video, take these 3 steps:

  1. Select which service better applies to your needs: Video on Image to substitute the background in your FB profile video with an image, or Video on Video to change your Facebook profile video with a different video background.
  2. Upload your original video – don’t forget to follow the guidelines! – to VideoStir;
  3. Upload the picture or video you want to use as your new background.

This is it – now all you’ll have to do is wait a few seconds for the VideoStir engine to do its work. Once finished, upload the result to your FB profile and voila’! – you have changed the background of your Facebook profile video.

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