Using online videos for your Real Estate business


There is no question that when it comes to the online part of the Real Estate Business, video is one of the most powerful tools available. Extensive research has already proven that online videos greatly impact business online, and specific research conducted by Google/NAR about the Real Estate industry has shown that prospective customers use video to make decision about when and who to contact for their real estate needs.

This means that in order to successfully collect leads and to make money with real estate online, one has to be able to produce and constantly update a lot of video content.
Examples of that: videos about locations, neighbourhoods, interiors; but also video education about how to choose, select, price and so on different real estate goods.
All of this may seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t anymore: if one has a smartphone with a camera – or any standard digital camera – he or she can easily create incredible videos using VideoStir’s technology.


  • Using floating clips, he or she will be able to put a video on his or her site that will engage, inform and most of all call the audience to action – thus creating more leads and followers;
  • Using Video on Video technology, he or she will be able to create virtual “walk throughs”, showing a certain property while explaining it personally, by appearing in the video;
  • Using Video on Image technology, he or she will be able to push their brand forward, sharing useful knowledge with his or her viewers (think video blogging) and thus generating awareness, recognition and trust.

The examples could go on forever, because the technology is so flexible that the possibilities are endless.
Contact Videostir using the “feedback & support” blue square on the side of this page for more information on how it can help you in your online Real Estate Business.

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