CDN - Clip hosting

Learn how Amazon/Akamai host your clip on its Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Amazon and Akamai can deliver your content significantly faster than traditional delivery. Content delivery networks (aka CDN) speed up delivery of data objects over the internet.
CDNs work by caching content at edge locations around the globe, so that end users, or website visitors, are requesting content from servers within their region, instead of coming back to origin servers, located in Dallas, Chicago, or London.

Whenever your customer watches your clip, the clip file is downloaded to his PC. Amazon/Akamai's CDN offers the fastest way to deliver this file to your customers. If you use other slower solutions such as hosting your clip on your server, the clip might take longer to be downloaded. This can cause delays when watching the clip (especially when using slow internet connections). It is even recommended to move your website's images to CDN in order to improve your website loading time. Watch the clip on Rackspace website to see the difference.

We pay Amazon/Akamai to host your floating clip on their CDN, so you will get the fastest downloading service possible. We chose the best company so you will get the best out of your floating clip.