HOW IT WORKS - Pre Made Clips

Using our interactive, pre-made clips on your website is very quick and easy

  • 1. Choose your clip

    You can pick your clip from the *most popular videos on the clip market*, or by browsing through *categories*. To preview a clip, just click the green "play" button you find under every clip's thumbnail.

  • 2. Get more info about each specific clip, before embedding it on your site

    Clicking the "GET CLIP" button will lead you to a clip's dedicated page, where you'll find more information on the clip and you'll be able to preview it on any page of your website (only you will see it).

  • 3. Grab the clip you want and embed it on your site.

    Clicking on "ADD TO SITE" will start the embedding and customization process, so that the clip you have chosen will appear to all of your site visitors just the way you want it to.

    The first thing you'll have to do is customize the text that appears on the buttons/forms of certain clips, when applicable (see example A). In case you have selected a clip that doesn't require any special customization, you will immediately see the EMBEDDING CODE of your clip. You will have to copy and paste into the web-pages where you want the clip to appear in.

    Clicking on the blue "ADVANCED SETTINGS" button under the embedding code (see example B) will give you access to the standard customization settings for your clip. Here you'll able to change the behaviour and on-page location of your clip, and many more things.

  • 4. Press NEXT and you're finished!

    Sounds easy right? It is! *PICK YOUR FREE PRE-MADE CLIP NOW!*