VideoStir Engine Patent pending

Learn what makes it all possible

The VideoStir Engine is an exclusive patent pending computer vision program that removes the background from any video, resulting in a clip that can "float" over other web-content. The VideoStir Engine biggest advantage is that it works without the need to use a green screen (Chroma key) or professional studio. This makes it easy for you to film your video (in front of any solid color wall). The engine employs dozens of sophisticated algorithms that analyze the video frame and automatically separate and remove the background from the foreground.

The engine that was developed by our talented engineers, applies dozens of our proprietary “computer vision” logics (algorithms)on your video, in order to understand which part is the BG and which is the video’s foreground. It moves from frame to frame and colors the background part with a transparent color (technically called alpha channel).

Although it might sound like a simple task, videos come in many sized/colors/quality/resolutions. The Engine's logic aims to tackle them all.
Here are a few challenges the engine handles:

Any guideline that is followed makes it easier for the engine to create the best possible outcome. As professional the video gets a more professional floating clip will be created.