Frequently Asked Questions

This page supplies you with answers to our frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, or need assistance drop us a line using our support system.

  • Click to watch - What happens when I cross my paid views limit? What happens when I cross my paid views limit?

    Once you reach your paid views limit your clip will be automatically disabled and will no longer be visible to your site visitors. We will notify you when you reach 90% of your paid views and again when you’ve used up all of your paid views. In order to reactive your clip you’ll need to renew your plan, using the relevant clip information page (reached by clicking on the “Buy more views” link in your “My Videos” page). We do not know or keep your credit card information, only you can renew your plan to reactivate your clip.

  • Click to watch - When I go to my website, I see the VideoStir play button, but the video doesn’t auto play. What’s wrong? When I go to my website, I see the VideoStir play button, but the video doesn’t auto play. What’s wrong?

    Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong. You must have viewed your clip more than a couple of times by now and have exceeded your clips autoplay limit. The default value for this setting is 10. Every VideoStir floating clip comes with an autoplay limit that is meant to limit the times your clip autoplays for the same visitor, which is very important for returning visitors.

Floating Clip Creation FAQs

What are these interactive features you speak of?

We have a ton of interactive features for you to pick from that define your clip’s behaviour and its affect on the page. You can set up your video to scroll through the page, or move from side to side, so your visitors see what you want them to see. You can also add post click actions, so you clip opens a support ticket, or initiates a live chat session, when clicked on. You can even guide your visitors through multiple site pages, and the list goes on. For more information about your features click here

Can I use my camera phone to record my video?

Sure, any camera will do. Please note that if you are looking for the best results possible you should review and adhere to our filming guidelines. If your original video is of very low quality, has poor lighting or sound issues then your floating clip will suffer from the same issues.

Can there be more than one person in a clip?

Of course, you can even film your entire family, including pets, as long as the background you are filming against is contrasted to them and they are wearing. Our software engine separates the background from whatever is in the video’s foreground (not just people), so anything in the frame other than the background will be considered a foreground image. Cool right!?

Can I embed my clip on multiple pages of my website?

Sure, you’ll just need to add the same 3 lined embed code to the HTML of all the pages you want your clip to be displayed on. You can even use different settings for different page (on one page the clip may autoplay, and on another you might chose to start the clip in mute mode, etc.)

What do I do if I’m unsatisfied with my floating clip, even though I’ve followed your filming guidelines?

If you following out our filming guidelines to the letter go to our unhappy page, which includes information about quick fixes. If you have not found a solution there contact our support, let us know what's wrong with your clip and we’ll do our best so you are happy with the results.

Pricing FAQs

How does the billing process work?

We use PayPal to manage payment to us, they are a trusted transaction service provider and they work with all the major credit cards. PayPal will also issue you an invoice automatically, and send it to the email you used on PayPal, once the payment is complete.

Can I replace the VideoStir logo with my own logo?

Everything’s possible with VideoStir! Adding your own logo requires us to create a dedicated player for you, which results in an additional one time cost of $49 per clip (minimum 3 clips). You can even define which page your visitors will reach after they click on your logo.Interested? Drop us a line.

Can I transfer my paid views from one clip to another?

Our Standard plan is clip specific, meaning you cannot transfer your paid views from one clip to another. You can transfer your paid views using our Premium plan. With our Premium plan you can replace the clip you display to your visitors as many times as you want, and the total paid views amount is distributed between all the clips you have and will embed on your site. Once you embed your first clip you can replace it using the VideoStir website, quickly and without ever touching your website’s HTML. If you think you’ll replace your clip in the future, our Premium plan.

How does your prepay work?

If you have selected to pay for one of our plans before you have created a clip you’d like to use your plan for you are using our prepay option. Once you pay for a plan it will appear in your balance on your My Account page. In order to use your prepaid plans all you need to do is click on the plan you want to use, then choose which of your clips you want to use it for and click on the Apply button. That’s it!

How do I use my plan for my clip?

If you see your plan under your balance on your My Account page, or on your Clip Information page that means you have not connected it with a clip yet, in order to do this just click on the plan on your My Account page and then choose the clip you want to use it, or click on the plan on your Clip Information page and confirm you want to use it for that clip. Easy, right!?

Why don’t I see a plan I purchased in My Account page?

If you don’t see your plan under your balance in your My Account page or in the balance sidebar on your Clip Information page you must have associated it with a clip. You can track what you’ve done with your plans on your My Plan History page.

For more pricing FAQs go here.

Product FAQs

Are these floating clips compatible with all the devices?

Our floating clips are currently played using a flash player, so they will be visible on all the PCs available (including Macintoshes). The floating clip will also work on most Android hand-held devices, but will not run on iOSs due to Apple's flash player limitations. There are some companies that claim they can display a flash player on iPhones / iPads, when in fact they play an ordinary clip with a colored background. We are working on a real solution so VideoStir floating clips will be able to be displayed on iOSs as expected. Stay tuned.

How is the HTML5 development going?

We have recently released our HTML5 Player for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which is available as a free upgrade for PREMIUM and GOLD accounts upon request. It can be seen in action when playing any of our Pre-made clips.

At this stage, our HTML5 player displays the transparency layer just like our Flash player, on PC and tablet devices ( and even iPads with iOS 8 and up: you can already check that out on our home page). Our HTML5 player will also work on mobile devices; on the other hand, we believe that given the screen size and the different style of video consumption associated with a mobile experience, our clips should be specifically mobile friendly. This is why we are working on building a dedicated HTML5 Mobile Player, which will also be embeddable inside mobile Apps (Native). It's a work in progress - and we're really excited about it.

What is a floating interactive clip?

A floating interactive clip is essentially a video with a transparent background that is added to a website / blog on an additional layer, and includes interactive capabilities that affect the page they are displayed on (such as on-page motion, page scroll initiation, triggered actions, etc). Being that these are floating clips they do not take up any web property and they create a much more personal and integrated video experience than conventional square video players. VideoStir’s software engine transforms a standard video into a floating interactive clip, that can be customized to your choosing and then easily added to your website / blog using a short embed code. For more information about floating clips go here. For more information about the VideoStir engine go here.

Why do I need a floating clip?

Studies have shown time and time again that video content has a dramatic effect on customer acceptance and their resulting actions. Our floating clips are more personal and engaging than videos displayed using standard square players, they are also fully customizable and include interactive capabilities, all of which increase engagement, conversions and time-on-site.

How do you remove the video’s background without using a green screen?

The majority of video editing programs use a simple method called the green or blue screen approach, to remove the video’s background. This method works only when the video was recorded in a professional studio, employing a special chroma background. The video editing program then identifies this specific shade of green or blue in the video and marks them as background (assuming, of course, that there aren’t any elements in that shade of blue or green in the video’s foreground). Our solution is much more sophisticated, the VideoStir Software Engine separate the video’s background from its foreground using complex algorithms. As a result, using VideoStir you can record a video anywhere (at home, work, school or even at the park) and our software will remove its background in no time.

What is the VideoStir Software Engine?

The VideoStir Software Engine is an exclusive patent-pending computer vision program that removes the background from any video, ads interactive capabilities to it and supplies you with an embed code, so you can easily add it to your website / blog. Our engine employs dozens of sophisticated algorithms that analyze the video frame and automatically separate and remove the background from the foreground. The VideoStir Engine's greatest advantage is that it works even if your video wasn’t recorded using a green screen (Chroma key) or in professional studio. This makes it easy for you to record your own video, using a solid colored surface as the background.

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