VideoStir Floating Clip Link

Learn what is it and what is it good for?

A floating clip link is a new technology that allows you run your clip on top of any website without actually embedding it. For example, you can easily see your clip floating on top of famous websites such as Amazon,eBay,CNN etc. VideoStir creates a link (internet address) that you can send to your friends and customers. Only viewers that use the link can see your clip.

Apart from using it for practical jokes and for greetings ("Happy birthday" clip on your favorite website), you can use it for your business. You can make and send a personal or a group clip that will appear on one of your internal web pages. With a little effort you can send a focused message to your customers. For example if you sell cars, you can make a personal clip saying "Hi Joe, do you see the car behind me? It could be yours, only today and I will give you an extra $10,000 discount for your birthday. Just click on me ..". Small effort for a large impact.

Seeing yourself on other people's websites is more than OK - it's fun. Once you want to share it and make a business out of it you should get the approval from the relevant website owners. See our terms of use to learn more

It runs on most websites. However Some websites like Facebook and Google block outside clips from running on them.

You can use our clip to start playing right now. Click the button below and jump straight to step 2 "tune". Type the address of any website and see our clip floating on it. .Remember that your clip could be there in just a few minutes from now.

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  • Upload
    We will transform your video into a floating clip
  • Tune
    Watch and adjust your floating clip
  • Enjoy
    Share your floating clip or embed it into your website