VideoStir Floating Clip

Learn what is it and what is it good for

A floating clip is a video clip with a transparent background. When played on top of a web page the transparent areas will show the web site content (see-through effect). Floating video clips provides a much more personal and integrated experience for the viewer compared with a conventional square video player. VideoStir not only creates the floating clip, but also provides the means to project and view the created floating clip on top of any website, even a public site, without changing the original site. This allows you, for instance, to add a video annotation to an existing site, via a simple floating clip link. The floating clip stays with the viewer whenever he/she scrolls down, keeping its screen relative position.

Even without relying on existing studies, it makes sense! Sending a personal message in a creative way to your website viewer will most likely give you these outcomes:

The potential is huge. Check out our usages page for more details.