Guidelines for filming your clip

Follow these 3 basic filming guidelines to get a clean floating clip:

The 3 golden guidelines

  1. Solid color wall

    Stand in front of a solid color wall or background; Take two steps away from the wall to avoid shadows

  2. Contrasting color clothes

    Wear colors that stand out from the background (strong, solid colors work best)

  3. Soft lighting

    Use good, soft (indirect) lighting on yourself and the background

Example of the ideal frame

Additional tips for getting professional results

  1. Leave empty spaces around your image

    Zoom out a bit. Don't fill the entire frame. Leave empty spaces above you and on your sides

  2. Good quality stable camera

    Use a high quality camera and place it on a tripod

  3. Professional microphone

    Use a professional microphone so that background noises are filtered out

  4. Avoid net-like objects

    Don't hold objects with a lot of holes in them (a tennis racket for example)

  5. Hair

    Collect or smooth down your hair; very wispy hair does not look as good

Supported videos

  1. Video formats

    Supported formats: .mov .avi .mp4 .m4v .3gp .mpg .wmv

  2. Video length

    Up to about 90 seconds long

  3. Video file size

    Up to 256 MB

Following the above guidelines will greatly improve your results!

And if you need even more polish, don't hesitate to use the "Fix my clip" option that is always available to you during the process.