Guidelines for filming your clip

Follow these 3 basic filming guidelines to get a clean floating clip

The 3 golden guidelines
  • 1. Solid color wall

    Stand in front of a solid color wall or background; Take two steps away from the
    wall to avoid shadows

  • 2. Contrasting color clothes

    Wear colors that stand out from the
    background (strong, solid colors work best)

  • 3. Soft lighting

    Use good, soft (indirect) lighting on yourself
    and the background

Example of the ideal frame
Additional tips for getting professional results
  • 1. Leave empty spaces around your image

    Zoom out a bit. Don't fill the entire frame. Leave empty spaces above you and on your sides

  • 2. Good quality stable camera

    Use a high quality camera and place it on a tripod

  • 3. Professional microphone

    Use a professional microphone so that background noises are filtered out

  • 4. Avoid net-like objects

    Don't hold objects with a lot of holes in them (a tennis racket for example)

  • 5. Hair

    Collect or smooth down your hair; very wispy hair does not look as good

Supported videos
  • 1. Video formats

    Supported formats: .mov .avi .mp4 .m4v .3gp .mpg .wmv

  • 2. Video length

    Up to about 90 seconds long

  • 3. Video file size

    Up to 256 MB

Good Luck!
Its free!

Don't do this :(

Direct light
"Cluttered" background
Move too fast
Net-like objects

Do that :)

Step away from the wall
Hold hole-less objects
Use a (solid) colored wall
Use a white wall