How it works

Want to see how easy it can be to film your own floating clip and embed it in your website? Check out this video to see for yourself how it's faster than preparing a cup of coffee!


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Choose your "filming studio"

Just kidding. All we ask is for you to use as the background for your video a solid color wall in your home, office or anywhere else - indoors or outdoors. You can even use a clear blue sky!

Pick your actor(s)

Are you going to be featured in your clip? Great! If not, you can ask your friends or colleagues. Or a professional actor, if you need one. (We even found some affordable ones for you, just in case)

Choose your video camera

Any camera will do - from the one in your phone to a professional one. Just make sure to hold it steady: our engine will do its magic whatever the source.


Upload your movie

Is your video ready? Great! Time to upload it to Videostir so that we can transform it in a floating video clip by removing its background. We'll treat it with care, we promise.

Wait for the magic

You don't really have to do anything at this point. Just let the elves and wizards that reside in our servers do their magic... It takes a few moments, really.

Customise your new floating clip

Your floating clip is ready! Now it's time for you to customise its settings so that it will appear on your website just the you want it to. Changed your mind? No problem. You can change these settings whenever you want.


Make sure that everything looks and behaves just the way you want it to, before you embed your new interactive floating clip in your website. Remember,you can customise it as many times as you want, until it's just the way you want it.


You are now ready to embed your floating clip in your website! You just need to copy one line of code and paste it into your web page (easier than embedding a youtube video).

We can't wait to find out how you're going to use your clips. If you need some inspiration, here's what our customers have been using their interactive video floating clips for:

Website Video Spokesperson

Engage your users and increase conversions, sales and time-on-site with interactive floating clips. Create a personalized website experience by guiding your users through your website and pointing out the important stuff.

Special Deals and Limited-Time-Offers

Update your visitors about your special deals and limited-time-offers to increase sales. Create and add to your website dedicated clips about your new deals and promotions in under 5 minutes.

Thank You Message

Connect with your visitors by personally thanking them for their purchase, registration, or subscription using VideoStir. Build loyalty and engagement by adding a personal touch to your website / blog.

Multilingual Support

If you enjoy international traffic you must understand that, sometimes, non-native speakers need some help. With VideoStir you can create and add an interactive floating clip to guide and to assist your visitors in their native language.

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