Pricing - Frequently asked questions

Upgrades? How much? What for? How to track? and more...

Upgrades to existing packages

Can I get VideoStir logo to totally disappear?

Once you pay for a Premium or Gold package, our logo will disappear. We can completely remove our logo from a Standard plan for an extra charge of $19 per clip (consider getting the logo-less Gold package in which you get more views more clips and can later replace your clip). Interested? Just drop us a line.

Can I replace VideoStir logo with my company's logo?

Adding your own logo to the player is also possible but requires a dedicated player which will cost an extra $49 per clip (minimum of 3 clips). You can even set the logo to point to any internet address when clicked. Interested? Just drop us a line.

Can I watch my clip's statistics

You can see how many people watched your entire clip, how many clicked pause/mute and when did people stop watching your clip. This service is still for free. Interested? Just drop us a line and we will enable it.

Can I replace my clip and use the same paid views from previous clips?

With the standard/Premium plans you pay once for a specific clip's view count, which means you can't replace or move your paid clip views. However with the Gold plan "Embed once - replace as many clips as you want" it is possible. Currently you can pay $349 to get 5 clips with 100,000 clip views per each. You can embed your clip and later on replace the playing clip with another clip again and again (It's like buying a license for running one clip on your website that can be replaced). This plan is perfect in case you think you may want to replace your clip in the future. Once you embed your clip, you can manage the clip replacement from VideoStir website (no need to touch your website again).Interested? Just drop us a line.

Payment procedure questions

How and where do I pay?

You can buy your selected package using the link you got to your mailbox after uploading your video or by using the payment button that appears in step 3.

What do you mean by 1-time-fee?

You only pay one time and automatically get your clip's paid views. This is not a monthly recurring payment. You can later buy more views if needed

Can I pay with my credit card?

Sure. You can either pay with Pay Pal or your credit card. To pay with your credit card look for the “Don’t have a PayPal account” link in the bottom right corner of the PayPal payment page, that appear after you click on the “buy now” button.

Are you keeping my credit card number?

No. To keep the payment transaction as safe as possible we’ve chose PayPal to manage the payment. The entire payment process runs on PayPal’s secured website without any way that we can get access to your personal payment details

Where can I see my payment history?

Use the link you got to your mailbox after uploading your video to get to your personal “clip info page”. There you can find your last payments details.

How does your prepay work?

If you have selected to pay for one of our plans before you have created a clip you’d like to use your plan for you are using our prepay option. Once you pay for a plan it will appear in your balance on your My Account page. In order to use your prepaid plans all you need to do is click on the plan you want to use, then choose which of your clips you want to use it for and click on the Apply button. That’s it!

How do I use my plan for my clip?

If you see your plan under your balance on your My Account page, or on your Clip Information page that means you have not connected it with a clip yet, in order to do this just click on the plan on your My Account page and then choose the clip you want to use it, or click on the plan on your Clip Information page and confirm you want to use it for that clip. Easy, right!?

Why don’t I see a plan I purchased in My Account page?

If you don’t see your plan under your balance in your My Account page or in the balance sidebar on your Clip Information page you must have associated it with a clip. You can track what you’ve done with your plans on your My Plan History page. Feel free to drop us a line and we will find your plan for you.

After payment questions

Can I get an invoice for my payment?

Yes. We will automatically send you an invoice for your payment. It is generated by PayPal.

How do I know how many clip views did I already use?

In your personal “clip info page” you can always see an up-to-date status of your views count out of your paid amount of views based on the package you’ve selected.

What do you consider as one clip view? What happens if I only watch half of the clip’s duration?

Every call for your clip is counted as a view. This means that whenever you refresh a page that holds a clip, it will be counted as one view. The count is done when the clip is loaded, so it doesn’t matter if the visitor viewed the entire clip or didn’t even click on the play button – in both cases this will be counted as one view. On the other hand a visitor that clicks on the play button after watching a clip (replay) will not be counted as an additional view.

What happens when I cross my paid views limit?

We will send you an email notice before you reach this point so you could buy a new package. In case you cross the limit and did not buy additional packages the clip will stop showing on your webpage.

Why do you host my clip?

We want your customers to get the fastest download speed possible of your clips. Customers with slow internet connection could experience clip freeze effects that we want to avoid. We chose Akamai & Amazon to host our clips on their super speed CDN (content delivery network). We pay them just so your customers will get the best experience possible. Learn more about how Akamai/Amazon do it

Is there a duration limitation to my clip?

As stated in the guidelines we limit the clips to a three minutes duration. A clip longer than that will most likely get your customers bored and will miss the point of using the floating clip to improve your website engagement with your customers . Let us know if you think otherwise. we could also help you get a longer clip running for you - just drop us a line.

How can I configure the various possible clip behaviors?

There are many cool settings you can apply on your clip all by yourself. You configure your preferred settings on your clip's settings page (on VideoStir website). For example, you can add a “click on me” effect that redirects viewers to any webpage you choose, you can decide to freeze the clip after a few frames and let the viewer decide if he wants to watch the clip or not, and much more… all is done automatically on without any coding.

How can I embed my clip on more than one webpage?

Embedding you clip rely 1 embed line that you paste in your webpage. Same line could be embedded in more than one webpage. If you have affiliate websites, you can send them the line so that they will place it on their websites and redirect traffic to your own business.

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