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What do I do with a VideoStir floating clip? What is it good for?

Creating a floating clip has never been easier - see below for some great inspiration and ideas.

  • Virtual spokesperson on your web site

    Improve your conversion rate by presenting a clear video message to your viewers. Help them quickly understand what they need to focus on in your web site.

  • Hot deals promotion

    Show your customers that your website is always updated with the latest deals. Use a dedicated clip to promote your latest campaigns and send the viewer a fresh holiday greeting to show you care

  • Share an updated “message of the day/week/month” with your customers and employees

    Be creative, share your thoughts with your customers on a daily basis or update your employees with the latest news using a floating clip on top of your companies internal website.

  • Multi language support on your website

    Have a spokesperson that can guide your non English speaking customers :)

Its free!

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