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What do I do with a VideoStir floating clip? What is it good for?

Creating a floating clip has never been easier - see below for some great inspiration and ideas.

  • Virtual spokesperson on your web site

    Improve your conversion rate by presenting a clear video message to your viewers. Help them quickly understand what they need to focus on in your web site.

  • Hot deals promotion

    Show your customers that your website is always updated with the latest deals. Use a dedicated clip to promote your latest campaigns and send the viewer a fresh holiday greeting to show you care

  • Virtual trainer

    Get your spokesperson / trainer to interact with your web site buttons and windows. Get him to point exactly where your customers should be looking at.

  • Online creative video greetings

    Record a personal video greeting and place it on top of any selected web site. Use your creative thinking to choose that special web site that will make the greeting more personal and funny.

  • Multi language support on your website

    Have a spokesperson that can guide your non English speaking customers :)

  • Live troubleshooting guide on your website

    Help your customers that always get lost when trying to follow your troubleshooting instructions. Have a short floating clip explaining every step they need to follow.

  • Share your “message of the month” with your employees

    Be creative, share your thoughts with your employees as a floating clip on top of your companies internal website.

  • Practical jokes

    Only you know what video on which website will make your friend go crazy. Now you can easily do it and see you were right :)

Its free!

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Our Clients Say...

Sean Smallwood,
Family Law Attorney
«My VideoStir clip offers my business website, a look and feel that my competitors pay thousands of dollars to have with other companies. It also allows prospective clients to get a feel for who I am in a way that a photo or a Youtube video just doesn't allow.»

Daniel W Hawk,
Sports Journalist
«Building a website on your own is tough enough but trying to get people to notice your site is another story in all itself. With the help of VideoStir my web traffic has nearly doubled. VideoStir takes the time personally to help make your site a success. It is the best way to separate your self from the competition and to get your name out in the cyber world. I would recommend VideoStir to anybody who is just starting their website or have been on the internet for quite a while.»

Mark Chamberlin — Director at SmarterPics
"The good thing is that it helps encourage people to take a look at the intro video we created, Much better conversions."

Michael - Maui, HI
«I have been extremely pleased with VideoStir. I'm already seeing results from my main website and Facebook business pages. Also the service and quick responses has been outstanding even when my video needed to be corrected because of my issues. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to promote their product or service.»