Replace video background with an image - FAQ

Get answers to your questions. Answers related to "Video On Image" feature only.

You can play with our system for free and download your video on image video result with our small logo on it. In case you need a higher resolution video without our logo please look at our video on image pricing page .

You make a simple video based on our guidelines. You then upload your video and any background image. After a couple of minutes you will automatically have a mixed clip (.mp4) with the image as the background of your video. You can download the mixed clip to your PC for free.

The clip is yours. You can place it on your website. You can upload it to Youtube or send it to your friends.

Selling a house? Use the house photo as the background of your video.
Filming a corporate video for your employees? Use the company’s logo as your video's replaced background.
Promoting a vacation? Make the resort photo be the background of your video.
You get the idea ...

Currently you will get a basic ".mp4" video. You can buy a video with higher resolution which will be the same as your original video resolution. If the image has a different resolution it will be stretched to fit the video's dimensions.

Currently the automatic process doesn't have an option to adjust your mixed clip (change foreground position, size etc). Drop us a line and we will be happy to help you get a result that will make you happy.

This usually happen when your original video doesn't comply with our filming guidelines.
Let us know and we will help you out in no-time :)

Watch our guidelines

Don't do this :(

Direct light
"Cluttered" background
Move too fast
Net-like objects

Do that :)

Step away from the wall
Hold hole-less objects
Use a (solid) colored wall
Use a white wall