What's next ?

Check out our plans for the coming releases

This is what our engineers are working on
  • 1. VideoStir Engine improvements

    We are constantly improving our VideoStir Engine abilities, by handling more "hard to remove" cases. We aim to make it as easy for you to film your video as possible.

  • 2. Improving the floating clip format and size

    We are working on improving the floating clip format to fit additional platforms. We will be adding an in-house player for you to use, so your viewers could interact with the floating clip.

  • 3. Improving the floating clip handling experience

    We are adding clearer explanations and instructions for how to actually run the floating clip from your website. Additional plugins/applications for website building platforms & smartphones will be implemented to get you running your floating clip with just a few clicks.

  • 4. Implementing experimental features

    We are implementing new applications and targeting new use-cases for our VideoStir Engines to tackle. Soon to come is an experimental feature that will automatically use any given image/video as your clip background. Smartphone applications based on the VideoStir engine will also follow, opening new exciting and fun ways for using your videos.

  • 5. Aligning future releases with our company's strategy

    More creative features and usages are in our company's pipeline. We are working on their research and product design, so they will be ready to be implemented in one of our future releases.