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Doodle Maker Review 2021

Getting the perfect video to care for your engagement requirements can be challenging if not done correctly. One very effective way that has been found of rousing viewers is the doodle. These are also known as an explainer or animated marketing videos. It is pretty simple to understand and offers a simple, pleasant approach to storytelling that viewers will enjoy. The Doodle Maker is one of these excellent videos. Part of what we will also look at will involve why so many people prefer Doodle videos to other forms of information.

At the end of the review, you will have enough information to help you with deciding whether you should choose this software or not as your whiteboard creator.

Whiteboard Animation

As said, whiteboard animation is quite effective. It is a form of animation that has slowly risen in popularity in recent times. The main differentiating factor between this type of video and the others is that it has a hand of a specific color or gender drawing on a board as a voice-over describes all that that is happening.

This combination of seeing and listening is what makes this such an awesome option as a tool for educating and marketing. Due to this combination, viewers focus on the screen and will get all that you want them to see.

Why is it important to use this relatively new form of marketing? Well, the world we live in today is fast-paced and there are simply so many things that are fighting for the attention of your potential customers. Therefore, it is up to you to stand out from the rest and keep their attention longer than they ordinarily might decide. Whiteboard animations are therefore an exciting means of having your viewers enjoy your message and have it stick in their minds.

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Benefits of Doodles

There are several reasons to strongly consider integrating this form of marketing in your skillset.

  • Traffic

As an online business person, you certainly are looking to improve the traffic to your page. Apart from that, you want those that visit to take the right actions. Well, studies reveal that you get that with this. It is an excellent option that helps to increase the traffic of your site- even more so than traditional methods of increasing traffic.

  • Engagements

If you crave engagement, then you will enjoy this. A scientist has claimed that using a doodle or whiteboard animation video, you can capture the attention of the audience and have a boost in the rate of engagement. With this program, you can naturally increase important metrics like the conversion rate.

Should you make it yourself?

When you consider all of the advantages that come from using the Doodle video, you likely are thinking about setting one up. Well, another thing that you might consider is whether to get someone to do it for you, or whether you will create the videos yourself. Well, there are disadvantages to setting it up with the help of an agency. If you are a company on a budget, that might not be ideal. The downside of doing it yourself is that it might take time

However, with the right tool at your disposal, you don’t have to despair. The Doodle Maker is an excellent software that will help you to navigate the world of making your doodle video.

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What is Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker

You already know that this is a whiteboard animator. One of the things that make it stand apart from the rest is that it uses AI to let different people, whether they have the experience or not, create wonderful whiteboard videos.

With this program, you can make professional-looking videos with little or no experience in different languages.

More features make this an excellent alternative.

For example, it is a cloud-based option. This means that you can use it on different computers as long as there is an internet connection. Apart from that cool feature, you also discover that this program comes with the ability to add voices from different languages in a short time. The translation and ability to turn the speech into text makes it different and better than any other options, especially when it comes to converting scripts to videos.

With the virus still rampaging, it is important to diversify and have different sources of income. Well, if you know how to use this program, you might solve your problems on that front. With so much time on our hands, this is a great time to know how to use this tool advantageously.

Creating the software wasn’t too hard, as the creators are folks that have plenty of experience in making similar innovative solutions to issues at an affordable price.

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Using Doodle Maker

You will not have a really tough time using this tool, even if you have limited experience. With this tool, the steps that you should take are already easy to get.

You will start by inserting the content that you want to use, inputting some important keywords. The AI will then use the keywords to bring up the best media that match the keywords from the library. The library found here is rich in content.

Due to this, you have loads of options that will let you create videos that you desire. With this large library, you don’t have to waste time or funds looking for the right media.

How Doodle Videos are Excellent for Your Brand

In the simplest of terms, the use of Doodle videos helps to boost the brand or business. By using cartoons to pass information, you have a means of catching the attention of all those that watch. The hand drawing the cartoons catches the attention of the viewer and makes them wonder what next will be drawn. The curiosity, not knowing what might come next, increases the chances of watching the video for a longer time.

Using this tool assists you to tell a story, and it is known that videos offer a very cool way of engaging an audience. With such a video on your page, you can reduce the bounce rate and make people more interested in whatever you might want to say.


So now that we have seen the reasons why any serious business-person should invest in Doodle Maker, we will now look at some of the features that make it one of our favorite options.

  • Templates

Starting your video from absolute scratch can be a bit tricky, especially if this is your first time or you are simply not experienced enough. It comes with more than 300 templates. You also have a wide customization range. You can choose the type of board to use and the templates to use. The library also consists of impressive voice-over options, effects, and more. The bottom line is that Doodle Maker is easy to set up and start using.

  • AI

The artificial intelligence of this software has been talked about somewhat frequently through this post. By adding a video link or uploading your video, you can have the software converting the video for you. It helps to change it into a doodle video.

  • Library

When creating your doodle, customization helps to add an entirely new spin to the video. Well, you don’t have a shortage of customization options here. The library that is attached to this software is rich in terms of media. And if you somehow do not find the media that you want, you could always add your images.

  • Converter

This is also another feature that is made possible by the AI engine. In this feature, you can change a regular image into a doodle without a long passage of time. And once you have gotten everything ready, you can download the videos to whatever platform you want.

  • Videos

The videos are inarguably the most important aspect of this program. You can create videos you want here. While this ability is sometimes underestimated or not rated as highly we think it should, it is still one of those things that you discover this tool is great at. Apart from that, you can customize it a lot. This can involve tweaking the animation type, text, and several other things like the background of the board. In all, you will end up with the perfect video to convey your message to anyone that is watching.

  • Use

There’re features we have considered are all excellent and useful. However, if you find it daunting to use them, then they do not offer so much value. Thankfully, you don’t have a problem with that when it comes to this tool.

From your first introduction to the tool, it is clear that you will not have a hard time running this tool. As with any other thing, you might run into issues. However, these are not problems that cannot be solved. Doodle Maker has been created with an engine that makes all you do pretty easy and straightforward. It offers training to any new users. If you are looking to make money from the tool, you will also have correct instructions from the explainer videos that are embedded in the tool.

  • Translation

Features abound in this tool, but perhaps one of the most impressive is the tool’s ability to translate. It comes with an AI engine that is just impressive. With this engine in the tool, you can have your video in a wide range of languages. This is excellent and a feature you won’t find in other options.

After creating the video and adding the voices, the AI engine gives the capability to translate the video. This certainly helps to expand the reach of the videos you have created.

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Benefits of Doodle Maker

Are you looking for total control over the doodle and customization options with nearly no limits? If so, then you will enjoy using this tool.

  • This is a fast option that uses the power of AI to solve the problem of making a doodle
  • With this tool, you can quickly create videos, whether as a whiteboard, blackboard, or any other type of board.
  • The text to speech engine is one of the best, as it allows you to create the video, are different languages.
  • There is an extensive library that contains so many icons and media to help you to get the best videos.
  • Also, the Doodle Maker is a cloud-based solution. Therefore, you can pick up right where you left off using different computers.
  • Another thing that excites me about Doodle Maker is the good customer support. If you have any questions or requests, you will find that it is easy to get the solution to the problem.

Cons of Doodle Maker

As with any other program, it is important to consider the drawbacks of the program.

Since it is cloud-based, you have to regularly update the software whenever requested.

There is no way to get a low resolution of the videos, you can only have them in 720p or 1080p. While future updates might address this, you only have these two resolutions right now.

Who can Use It?

This excellent tool can be used by so many people across different fields. You can learn how to make videos with this tool and offer your services for hire.


It is certainly not a walk in the park getting the best from a video. Many folks have wasted funds on poor quality tools that did not help them create the videos that they desired.

Well, with this Doodle Maker tool, an end to all the anguish looks in sight. With the tool, you can make good quality videos that work to reach a large group of listeners. Furthermore, the ability to use different languages makes the tool more diverse.

If you are looking to boost the marketing efforts of your team, then this tool is highly recommended. It helps to make good videos at no high cost. With this software, you can have different additions of fonts, media, and other files. So, we highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and buy this program.

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Doodle Maker