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VideoScribe Review – Animation Software

VideoScribe is an excellent tool with the goal of helping you to create whiteboard animations. It is also handy for making explainer videos. These two types of videos have proven to be handy ways to improve engagement and capture the attention of your audience and increase your profit or commission. One of the best things that make these stand out is that it can be done with tools that do not require plenty of expertise. In this VideoScribe review, we will ensure that we consider several features that make the tool stand out among the other options on the market.

What is VideoScribe?

Choosing an animation software that will meet your needs is easier said than done. While the number of options on the market might make it seem like it is easy to find the best for you, this sheer number has been a source of confusion for many users.

Our findings have landed on the VideoScribe tool, and we will provide enough information here to help you know whether it is something you should buy.

You have several versions of this program, but the one that we recommend, which we tested is the most recent version of the program. While older versions had drawbacks, this new VideoScribe has worked to straighten out the kinks and improve on almost every aspect.

Regardless of the version that you have on hand, there is an easy interface that makes this one of the easiest of its kind to use.

In simple terms, this tool is a software that helps you to make explainer and whiteboard videos.

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Who Made VideoScribe?

The creators of this program are people that have a good record of making high quality tools and programs. Sparkol, the makers of the tool were launched about 9 years ago, and all through then until now, the user base has grown as more people appreciate the quality of their products.

Using Adobe Flash, you have a tool that can help you to make explainer videos that are easy to create and will boost your engagement levels.

This particular tool has proven to be a top quality option as it has been used by some pretty high –level companies around the world.

While the program that we tested and review here is the desktop version, VideoScribe is also available as a mobile tool.

However, when you put the mobile and desktop versions side-by-side, the desktop versions offer you more functionality. You get plenty of useful features and benefits from the tool.


Features of VideoScribe

When reviewing a product, it is vital to discuss the features that you will get from it. Well, this is no exception. As it comes from a reputable creator, you can expect good features from it. Thankfully, it does not disappoint.

Due to the design, you have a powerful tool for creating and editing your videos. The editor is divided into different parts that come in intuitive and easy to use.

From our review and use, we discovered the ease of creating a video, whether explainer or whiteboard, with this tool.

When these have been included and edited to your contentment, you can save and send them out of the ecosystem, perhaps to your website or your social media page.

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  • Animation

As this is a whiteboard creator, it is only to be expected that it comes with animations. What did we find in this section? Well, in terms of animations, many of the users remarked on the ease of use. You will find everything here intuitive and straight to the point.

The first time that you open the tool, you will see the simplicity of everything on display. The VideoScribe tool might look really simple but underestimate it to your disadvantage.

  • Media

Another thing that you definitely need to keep in mind is the media found in the tool. When making a whiteboard animator, you have to consider the media that will be used. You get loads of images of good quality and variety. Therefore, you will always have the right image to use.

In our test of the product, we observed that the images offer you some excellent customization options. You can do so much on each image, ranging from changing the visibility, size and so much more. And if for some reason you simply cannot get the right image in your large library, the software offers you the chance to import files externally.

When testing, we loved the SVG file format since it offers the most customization options.

  • Text Insertion

Another thing that this tool allows you to do is to create text and input it into the video. It allows you to edit and place the text of various fonts or sizes into your video. Although many associate voice-overs with explainer videos, you will discover that using text can do the same thing and more. By including text, you can improve the value of engagement that you want from the video.

We found this a particularly useful feature.

The text editor is clear and will not cause confusion as to how to use it. If you understand how to use the animation editor, you will also find this text editor simple and easy to use.

While the basic editor gives you basic functions, the advanced editor offers even a greater ability to customize stuff. Therefore, you can change the animation, color , and several stuff about the text.

  • Animator

As this is an animator in itself, it is expected that it comes with this feature. With this, you find it quite easy to animate scenes and the timeline of your stuff. With the function, you can get the best out of the editor. This allows you to add media ranging from images to text and other stuff. Once you have placed them in the scene, you can take advantage of one of the best things about this feature. What is this? The ability to drag and arrange the media.

The editor contains the ability to tweak the timeline. The timeline has buttons right on the right.

  • Audio

An explainer video certainly requires that you have the right audio. Audio performance lies as one of the highlights of this already impressive offering. Well with the audio editor and section, you can add the sounds that would elevate the clip you have created. One of the things that you see which makes it clear that this isn’t the average function is the sheer number of sounds found in the library.

You can find over 200 sounds in the library. Once selected, you can edit the sounds and determine some important things like how long the track would last.

Apart from the ability to include sound tracks, this also offers you the option of including voice overs. Doing this is pretty straightforward. You find an intuitive icon button that lets the device and software record your voice.

However, it is the first of the features that we had an issue with. What did we find problematic here? Well, although you can record your voice and all that, you cannot edit the voice over that you have created. This means that you will need several takes before you can get the perfect voice-over. It would certainly have been much better if you had been given the ability to tweak what you have recorded.

During our testing, we found some way around this drawback. We simply recorded the voice-over via another tool then imported the perfect voice-over into the program.

  • Export and Sharing

You certainly aren’t making the video just for yourself. Well, the ability to export the created video is an essential one, and you get that with this program. You can export your created video to different platforms. For instance, those that are on a trial plan have a limited number of sharing options.

A paid plan makes it better and widens the options that you have. Not only does it make it possible for you to upload to social media pages, but it also means that you can choose the format that you desire. We found it easy to use in real practice.

If you are using the tool because of a presentation, one of the best things that it offers you is that you can send it up to a PowerPoint presentation. You will find this almost impossible to do if you are using some other type of editor or creator. It has the choice of converting the video to a slide for a better presentation.

All of these are the good sides of the product, are there any downsides? Well, there are. In the section that follows, we will consider some of the biggest reasons why you might think twice about using the tool.

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There aren’t a lot of flaws here, however, one that we found is that there are some issues in terms of the description of some search entries.

Additionally, only basic text fonts are installed here.

However, both issues can be easily solved. First, you can resolve the first problem by importing your images. The second issue can be solved by downloading the fonts that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I safely use the VideoScribe program?

Yes. Before the program uses anything or reads any of your data, it offers a prompt that you can use to determine whether that is what you want or not. The only way that you might encounter some safety issues is when you are linking with some other program.

  • Is it free?

Although there is a trial period, this software does not come for free. The trial period is for 7 days, and you won’t pay anything in that period. However, you are restricted in terms of features.


Should you look to use this tool? Well, perhaps these advantages can sway you to try the tool.

  • Highly effective

This is one of the most effective options to use. It comes with some of the best versatility that we have found, and the intuitive design means that you don’t spend plenty of time trying to create videos.

  • Cost

When you pay for a tool like this, you certainly want to get the maximum value for what you have paid. Well, we are pleased that the functions and features here offer good value for the price. However, if you are a casual user, the relatively high cost of the program might put you off.

  • Ease of Use

There is no denying that there is a slew of products that offer similar services on the market. Where this product beats them is in terms of the ease of use. All of the functions can be done quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Unlike others, the tools are clear to see and icons can be understood with barely a glance.

  • Support

Paying that amount of money for the full version entitles you to support – and that is certainly what you get here. The tool comes with plenty of support, ranging from an FAQ section to tutorials, and much more.


We have tested plenty of similar software, but there is no beating this. It offers a UI and UX and it almost unbeatable. The text editor is clear and will not cause confusion as to how to use it. If you understand how to use the animation editor, you will also find this text editor simple and easy to use. If you can afford the relatively high cost, this is one of the best whiteboard and explainer video creators you can use. This is one of the most effective options to use. It comes with some of the best versatility that we have found, and the intuitive design means that you don’t spend plenty of time trying to create videos. From our review and use, we discovered the ease of creating a video, whether explainer or whiteboard, with this tool. Although there are some downsides, these are minute when compared to the benefits of using the tool. Get it today!

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